SilicaCAD Cloud​

SilicaCAD Cloud allows to backup your drawings to the major Cloud services right from the SilicaCAD program.

The following Clouds are currently supported: Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. All you need is to install an application on your PC in correspondence with the Cloud service you choose, using the appropriate SilicaCAD commands available in the File menu or from the relative toolbar.

Open a drawing you want to backup

Run the Backup to Cloud command

Select your Cloud service and associated files if such available

Carry out the Backup procedure

As a result SilicaCAD creates a single *.pcloud archive file in the folder on your Cloud. The *.pcloud file contains:

The DWG file

All relating to it external references (raster images, xref files, fonts, print files)

Additional documents if such available

If synchronization is active, the project archive will be uploaded on the Cloud. Otherwise, the *.pcloud archive will be available only on the computer where it has been generated until synchronization is performed.
Note: Once your Cloud synchronization is performed, the project backup becomes available from any computer with your active Cloud account through the Restore from cloud command.