What’s new in SilicaCAD 2022

SilicaCAD 2022 New Features and Improvements


  • Dynamic input feature on Grips
    Dynamic input includes command prompts and measurement guides that are displayed on the screen while drawing and editings
  • Geolocation with interactive background map from Microsoft Bing
    Geographic location information is assigned to a drawing file by capturing a portion of the Bing online map to an object known as a map image and embedding it to the drawing area.  Map Aerial, Map Road and Map Hybrid visualization supported. With useful contextual Ribbons and menu.
  • TABLE and TABLEDIT implementation
    AutoCAD® like in-place Text editing, numeric Rows and alphabetical Columns. New contextual Ribbons for Tables.
  • Autodesk Revit® 2021 Import/attach
    Support for the recent Revit 2021 file format
  • Improved Dynamic Blocks handling
    New insertion options supported
  • Wood Details, Steel and Profiles Standards
    All shapes are now available in 3D
  • AutoCAD®- Like Solid grips
    Use grips to change the size and shape of 3D solids and extruded surfaces
  • Smooth Transition
    Faster smoother transitions with animation while panning, zooming, or changing views
  • Improved Array
    – New Array Grips
    – New contextual Array Ribbons
  • Nudge function
    It is a function used to move objects by holding down the CTRL key then selecting the arrow keys on your keyboard. The object will be moved by pixels in the direction chosen.


  • SHEETSET – Sheet Set Manager
    The Sheet Set Manager organizes, displays, and manages sheet sets, a named collection of drawing sheets. Each sheet in a Sheet Set is a layout in a drawing (DWG) file
    Imports 2D-3D points with specified coordinates from a .txt or .csv file into a drawing. Points can be imported as separate point entities, as vertices of a polyline, or as vertices of a spline
    Defines the type, color, effects and position of the background for named views
    Calculates the total Area of selected closed entities
    Applies attribute changes in a block definition to all block references
  • New perspective mode
    Improved Perspective handling and grips in Perspective views
  • Improved MTEXT
    – Added a “Strikethrough” option
    – Insert “text only” functionality (Paste Special formatting)
    – Clear formatting feature
    – Text Symbols Subscript and Superscript are added
    – Added “Paragraph” dialog
  • GROUP handling
    – GROUPEDIT: Add, Remove and rename features for Groups
    – Group Grips: improved visualization of Groups
    Import/Export of all SilicaCAD Variables



    Now the redesigned Start Page has a stylish cleaner interface look to offer easy access to a variety of initial actions, including access to drawing template files, recently opened drawings as well as online and learning resources
  • Search in Options and Drawing Settings Dialog
    Typing the name of options, find automatically the relative control in the form. Speed-up  the settings control
  • New View Manager Dialog
    View Manager has a new dialog with dynamic input to set a view background,  perspective, lens length, clipping, and more
  • TPNAVIGATE command
    Displays a specified tool palette or a palette group. Improved GUI customization
  • Improved CUI Dialog for customization